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Dr Siwan Mitchelmore is a Senior Lecturer in Business and Management at Bangor Business School and is an expert researcher in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation in SMEs. Siwan has published several journal articles and conference papers in these topic areas. She is also leading the Business School's involvement in Transnational Ecosystems: Laboratory and Actions a €3.8m EU funded project supporting early stage high growth potential companies.


Visiting Researchers

thomakossmall2 Professor Dimitrios D. Thomakos, PhD (Columbia) holds the Chair in Applied Econometrics and is currently the Head of the Department of Economics in the University of Peloponnese as well as a Senior Fellow of the Rimini Center for Economic Analysis. Before returning to his native Greece, Dimitrios was an Assistant Professor in Florida International University. He is a regular visitor in forLAB and in the last few years his is leading globally the research in the Theta method. His work has appeared in top American journals including the MIT Review of Economics and Statistics.
fotis Dr Fotios Petropoulos is an Associate Professor  in University of Bath  and a regular visitor in forLAB as well as long-standing collaborator most notably for work in temporal aggregation. Formerly a Research Coordinator of the Forecasting & Strategy Unit of NTUA. Fotios is nowadays mostly enjoying researching in time series and judgmental forecasting and optimal model selection and is the founder of the Forecasting Society.
Nico Dr Nicolas D. Savio is nowadays chasing a hectic but stimulating career as Consultant in Ernst & Young; formerly an Assistant Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Manchester Business School and a regular visitor in forLAB as well as long-standing collaborator most notably for work in strategic forecasting. He graduated with Honours from the University of Manchester in 2006 with a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, and later a MSc in Operational Research/Decision Sciences and a PhD in 2010 under Prof Nikolopoulos's supervision supported from an ESRC/EPSRC Joint Studentship Grant, both from Manchester Business School.
KonstantiaLitsiou Mrs Dina Litsiou, MA(Lancaster), BA(Arts), PGCE is a regular co-researcher in forLAB mostly known for her work on Forecasting for Megaprojects and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Retail Management in Manchester Metropolitan University, while persuing part-time a PhD in Salford Business School on "Forecasting the Success of Megaprojects". She is also a Professeur Vacataire in Marketing in ISCID-CO Business School in Dunkirk in France