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Consultancy services

 with in-house or in-forLAB training on how to adopt the ABF - Applied Busines Forecasting process so as to improve your forecasting cababilities within the sector you operate, and therefore become more efficient and competitive. Further training is also provided in the use of the freeware forecasting software  forLAB Operational Manager, and the adoption of the advanced ADIDA Intermittent Demand Forecasting methodology

 Furthermore, you are more than welcome to attend and audit any of our lectures: 

Undergraduate Modules:

  • ASB 2416:  Operations Strategy
  • ASB 3111:  Operations Management

Postgraduate Modules:

  • ASB 4904/4905: Applied Business Projects - Operations Management & Forecasting module
  • Two daily workshops for the Postgraduate Research Training programme in Bangor Business School & Pan-Wales DTC on “Data, Models, Forecasts & Decisions” and “Applied Business Forecasting

Executive Training/Teaching:


Further info on Forecasting Methods...

The most comprehensive list of Forecasting methods is provided from Prof Scott Armstrong at the The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania via his website Forecasting Principles.

It is called The Methodology Tree for Forecasting that classifies all possible types of forecasting methods into categories and shows how they they relate to one another.